About Me

Daughter. Sister. Mom to one fur baby. World's Greatest Aunt (just ask my niece and nephew). College graduate. Former Middle School teacher, current Instructional Designer, Paddleboard enthusiast, and yoga instructor in training.


I am also weird and at times awkward. I run into things, spill food, trip over my own feet, and laugh at all the most inappropriate moments.


All in all, I am just like everyone else! I enjoy reading, writing, working out, and trying new things. Most of all I love talking and sharing with others. So, here you will find all things Aunt Dani  for you to read about and enjoy. 

Please enjoy and provide feedback as much as you want. I hope you connect to the site and find it fun to read. If there is something you would like to see on here, feel free to let me know. 

Take from this site what you want and feel free to leave what isn't for you!


                                                                                   xoxo ~Dani