• Dani

Mindful and not a Full Mind!

Santa isn't the only one making lists this time of year. If you are anything like me you have many lists:

Work List

Home List

Shopping List

Bills to Pay List

Gifts gotten/to get list

and the list goes on.... (pun intended)

Our minds are so full with what we have done, need to do, and don't know how to do; that often putting "make a list" on a list at least ensures I will get one thing crossed of each day and feel somewhat accomplished.

And with all these lists of things to do, do we really enjoy the holidays like they were meant to be enjoyed? We see the lights and decorations but do we really see them? How about all those holiday get togethers?

Do you spend more time planning, decorating, cooking/baking, buying the perfect outfit, and taking the selfies; than you do actually taking it all in during the few hours it lasts?

Society today is on the go for the next biggest and best but when we take a few moments to enjoy the now, we are better prepared for the future. We can breathe, relax, and move forward without the stress of yesterday by simply taking time to enjoy the moment.

So, how do we go from a full mind to being mindful?

One easy way is in the following mindfulness technique that is easy to remember (no list required) and can be done anywhere by recognizing your own senses.

The next time you feel overwhelmed this holiday season, stop and complete the following phrases:

It is so amazing to see _________.

I love to hear__________.

That smell makes me think of _________.

The feel of _________ ________ me.

I love the taste of ________ during this time of year.

This allows your brain to STOP and actually TAKE IN your surroundings filling your mind with the right now! Everything else will disappear and this moment will be all that matters.

You will learn to cherish this technique as it will allow you to truly enjoy the moment and then relive the joy as you took the time to truly live it, notate its awesomeness (it is a word) and appreciate it for all it has to offer.

...and I promise you, your lists will still be there when you are done.